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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Ai-Media with other disability organisations has been advocating for the NDIS for many years. The NDIS is a no-fault support scheme for Australians who have, or acquired a significant disability.

The Scheme will provide funding for people with significant and permanent disability who will receive care and support over their lifetime, regardless of how they acquired their disability.

At the moment, if you become disabled after being injured in a workplace or a motor-vehicle accident, you are likely to receive financial support. However, if you are affected by permanent disability, either from birth or as a result of illness or another type of accident, support is not guaranteed.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, as recommended by the Productivity Commission, is supported across Australia by an unprecedented, politically bi-partisan and rapidly growing coalition of people with disabilities, carers, disability service providers, peak disability bodies and community and welfare organisations.

In May 2012 the Australian Government has committed $1 billion in the Federal Budget to support the first stage of a NDIS. From the middle of 2013, around 10,000 people with disability, their families and carers will start to benefit from the first stage of the scheme in selected sites around the country.

From the middle of 2014, the scheme will expand to cover around 20,000 people.

Ai-Media’s development of the Ai-Live real-time captioning service is an example of a service that clearly assists people with disability become more productive. The NDIS could help drive development of more services like Ai-Live by Australian industry and would revolutionise disability services.

To ‘Make the NDIS Real’ for every Australian, your support counts. Sign up with Every Australian Counts to show your support for the NDIS.